First and foremost, we sincerely care about our community. We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and staying well.

We want to share with you that Sid’s Bikes NYC are upholding our commitment to keeping our staff and customers safe.

The steadily increasing number of Coronavirus cases gives us enough concern to temporarily discontinue daily shop hours & service until April 20th.


What does discontinued daily hours & service mean exactly?

It means that Sid’s will not allow any walk in repairs or purchase of bikes or components in-store.

What if I need a repair?

If you would like to have us repair your bike or chair you can: 

My bike is in the shop. How can I retrieve it?

Email  We will coordinate a pick up time with you.

I want to purchase a new bike. Can I do that?

Yep! You sure can. 

We thank you for your continued support and help to keep us all safe and sound.

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