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We can get you started here at Sid’s Bikes, but to keep you going, you’ll need the support that only a world-class shop is able to offer.
That’s why we offer a free service plan with you new bike purchase that includes a "Lifetime" of service tuning adjustments. This includes all the regular maintenance that will ensure the best performance from you bicycle. Just bring your bike into any of our stores, and our mechanics will be happy to help. 

Please note, adjustments are services that don't require the removal of any parts. Folding bikes are covered with our free service plan for 5 years. If your bike has suspension, occasional maintenance is necessary for the fork, shock, and pivots points. Our mechanics are trained in servicing all of these systems, and can perform these services for you at a fair rate. Exclusions to our free service plan include accidents, wear and tear items, and commercial uses. 

Additionally, keeping  on top of things such as tire air pressure, inspecting the frame once in a while for rust/cracks, and holding to a regular maintenance schedule (as you would a car) will greatly extend the life of your bike’s components and keep them functioning well!

Below are some links to the warranty pages of some of the brands we deal. These are important to look at before you make a purchase as any replacement/warranty service on the bike itself will be coming from them through us.