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The humble beginnings of Sid's Bikes started over 40 years  go, with a small store called Chain Auto located in the Inwood neighborhood of
upper Manhattan.  As the name implies, the store was an auto parts store, but in addition, locksmithing and small appliance repairs could
be had. While it started with a small assortment of bikes, in the midst of the '73 oil embargo, selling bicycles became a major part of
Chain Auto. Soon, the flood of customers interested in commuting to work by bicycle, and the new trend towards exercising, made the
bicycle section of the store expand beyond the other departments. In 1979 Chain Auto officially changed its name to Sid's Bike Corp.
was the nickname of the shopkeeper. Under the new focus came a new location in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. At this point
business shifted almost entirely to bicycles. In keeping with its roots, however, customers could still get locksmith service while
having their bikes repaired. In 1993, Sid's opened a second location in Manhattan's Kips Bay neighborhood. In 2005, Sid retired, closing
original Bronx location. In 2007 Sid's opened a second Manhattan location in Chelsea, at 151 West 19th Street and Seventh Avenue.