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-adjusting both front and rear derailluers
-adjusting both front and rear brakes
-wipe down, inspection and lubricating of drivetrain
-wipe down and inspection of frame, rims and hubs
-minor wheel true


-all services of the basic tune

-major drivetrain cleaning and lubrication

-frame cleaning and inspection with bb and crankset overhaul

-adjusting of all
bolts and bearing systems to proper torque spec.
-replacement of any new parts included*
-major wheel truing

-frame inspection
-all services included in drivetrain clean/overhaul
-removal, cleaning and regreasing of all bolts
-complete overhaul of front and rear hubs
-complete frame and component detailing
-free installation of new parts*
-complete headset overhaul
-major wheel truing

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* Cost of replacement parts not included in service cost.



-gear adjustments
-brake adjustments
-drivetrain lubrication
-air pressure check