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- Pre-Fit Riders Interview
- Correct Saddle Height
- Saddle Fore Aft Positioning
- Assess Handlebar Width
- Assess Reach and Drop

- Studio sizing fit
- Considerations for natural flexibility and hip angles
- Positioning of aerobars to work with rider’s specific needs
- Bicycle handling considerations during all modifications
- Frontal area analysis to maximize aerodynamics

Meet with a fit technician to discuss injury history and discuss 
current and long term cycling goals. For custom bicycle  sales, riderscan consult technician regarding any frame, component or parts package that will be the best for them.

Body Assessment:
Sid’s fit technician will assess each rider’s flexibility
level. (hamstring, lower back, upper back and neck)
Riders will also receive a foot, ankle and heel assessment 
to ensure
proper foot/ankle support and proper cleat position
can be discussed.

Body Measurements:
Sid’s fit technicians take the following measurements;
- inseam
- height
- total body length
- femur length
- shoulder width
- arm length
- shoe size

On Bike Correction:
(for custom bicycles; waterford fit cycle is used)

- saddle height
- saddle position fore/aft
- reach/stem length
- drop/handle bar height
- spin/ankle pattern assessment

PDF or printed sheet of rider fit data
and fit numbers please allow 48 hrs.

Follow-up appointment
All riders who purchase this package may return to the fit studio

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