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My wife was asking me why I go all the way to the city for stuff, when there's a bunch of bikes shops within
20 mins of home (one about a mile of my house). I told her because, Larry does what he says he's gonna do,
doesn't leave me hanging, always follows up, has all the best parts and frames and loves riding and selling the
best stuff. And prices are more than reasonable.

Thanks again man!! Trails were like Velcro today.

- RT


...It was great to meet a bike specialist/cyclist who actually knows the terrain we're talking about here in the Finger Lakes
I mentioned to Derrick, "You both made a bicycle enthusiast like myself feel comfortable. I've had far too many conversations
where I feel cyclists are elitists... and for some, I guess they are and feel they have a right to be condescending to others."
I appreciated your words and wisdom...

- CK


Today my girlfriend bought a Cannondale mountain bike at your 34th street store. We received terrific service and
were extremely satisfied with the help we received. I would like to recognize sales girl (can’t remember her name)
or clerk #56 (from the receipt) for going above and beyond. From what I remember the Sales girl had ‘Bike Nerd’
(printed on her tee-shirt). Sales girl was very personable and extremely knowledgeable at her job.

Please give a extend a thank you to Bike Nerd for making a bike purchase a quick and enjoyable experience.

- J & T


"For people like me, whom cycling is a passion, Sid's is a phenomenal LBS. The parts and selection is what I would
expect from a pro shop and the kind and courteous staff is a bonus. (I'll go into a shop with a bad staff as long as I can
get the gear I need). I think for the performance oriented cyclist, Sid's is the place to go. A newer or recreational cyclist
may feel out of place here, but I firmly believe that the staff at Sid's will treat them with the same respect and professionalism
as their other customers."

- RS


"Awesome staff, fairly large inventory that covers just about everything you'd ever need and fair prices.
The shop guys are very cool and will spell out anything if you don't understand. Granted, this is a serious
shop and it helps if you have the littlest clue about what they are talking about.

I purchased a Specialized mt bike last winter and they talked me into getting the higher component Pro
trim if they could get me a good price on it. Done. So glad I made the upgrade now that I know a lot more
about components, forks, brakes and the difference between the cheap versions and the goods.

So besides Specialized they also carry some Cannondales, Bianchi's, Independent Fabs and Santa Cruz
set ups. Road, track, mtb, and I think some foldies. And it's NYC--you must sell a few fixies. Don't see
what you want? Someone can order it."

- DG


"I've been riding a Bianchi Pista for years now. I've always loved it for the daily commute and it is truly
perfect for the city. But I've wanted a bike that could get me out of the city limits for some time now and
after many years of saving it was time to start testing road bikes.

As many people comment about bike shops, they can indeed (at least from my experiences) be a very
intimidating process. What I recommend is coming in with a little knowledge before venturing out into a
With that said, Go to Sid's!

I'll keep this short, but after I asked for some help with road bikes I was greeted with a smile and a great
deal of honesty from the Assistant Manager Joel. After a few visits, and a few test rides I finally decided
on a Cannondale Super Six. It was built in just a day, and after it was assembled it was perfectly fit for
me by Joel in around an hour.

Sid's is now the only bike shop I'll buy anything from and I couldn't be happier about my experience."

- RK